Enjoy the Norwegian nature !


For guests staying in our Bed & Breakfast we offer walks through the woods in the direct surroundings of our farm. These walks are fun for everyone and are nice to do after the evening meal. Good for digestion and the fresh air guarantee a good night's sleep.

Depending on our pace we will be approximately 1,5 hours “on the road”. We have several routes to offer you.


Everybody knows the Beatles song ”Norwegian wood”. So come on… join us and together we are going to mountainbike, fish and hike for 5 hours.

We start from our small farm at Gausdal. From there we bike along and through the forests. We go fishing and try to catch the brown trout, eat a nice lunch by the idyllic lake and hike through the beautiful forest.


We as guides have a lot of knowledge about Norway´s nature. We know the behaviour of the local wildlife and how to approach it. We also know where and why we have to be careful when we are walking trough special vegetation. Most of the occurring questions during the tour can be answered by us. Your sleeping equipment and things you don't need during the day will be transported by us to the base camp. The aim is to travel lightly. (max. 7 Kg.) We are going to supply you with a good and healthy lunch packet wich contains enough nice things to keep you going. You can use this packet during the day. After this nice day in nature a good and simple dinner will be made- your help would be greatly appreciated. We will have enough breaks during the tour, so you have the opportunity to recuperate and have time for taking pictures. We will of course have a longer lunch break at noon. During these pauses coffee and tea are prepared.

Our base-camp will guarantee a nice and quiet night in nature. It will be the place where you can go for a swim or you can grab a fishing rod and help us catch trout for dinner. There will be a lot of little jobs to be done in the camp, so everybody can find something he or she enjoys doing . But never forget that the most important thing is: just relax and enjoy !

Overnight we sleep in our Lavvos (Tippis), maximum 4 or 5 persons per tent. Inside our Lavvo's we have 5 cm thick matrasses wich you can use during the night. Lavvos are very nice original, easy to set up Norwegian tents. If necessary we can make a small fire to warm us up inside the tents.

The use off our canoes and equipment and the mountainbikes including helmets is for free. Also the cooking equipment and cutlery is included in the price. The fishing rods, wire and tackle can also be used free of charge. We only have to ask you to pay for the fishing permit which will cost 10 euro per person per day. This is the fee that we have to pay to the owner of the lakes and streams.

Please notice that there will be no network for mobilephones and no WiFi connections! In case of an emergency, we have access to a satellite phone enabling us to get in contact with ambulance, fire- and police departments. Of course, we are also able to reach your family or relatives in case of an emergency.


Toilets are not available this means if you have to "pay a visit” you have to find a place in nature. There will neither be showers, so you will have to take a bath or a nice swim in the rivers and lakes- a wonderful refreshment, which however can be colder then espected! We can absolutely not guarantee that you will see moose. Not only due to their big territory finding them can be very difficult but also the fact that they start to be active late in the evening makes it hard to see them. The chance however to have such a wonderful encouter always exists...


A good condition! You don't have to be a “sportsfreak” but we are going to walk and bike in difficult terrain including climbs and crossings of small rivers and wetlands. Sometimes the weather is hard: it can be hot, cold, very windy and there is chance for some rain. So you have to take the day and the weather as it comes. Mostly our summers are very nice but it also can rain in the summertime! You have to follow our leads and you don't throw away litter in nature. We expect you to take your litter with you to the base-camp. Respect for the nature should be understood. That includes not to disturb the animals we meet and to act cautious.

Travelling with us is at your own risk. Therefore we will ask you to sign a paper containing our legal conditions, including the responsibilities and risks before the tour starts.


  • Enough clothing for different weather conditions. Don't forget a raincoat!
  • Good hiking-, or mountain shoes. No sneakers, sandals or high-heals are allowed. They ar NOT suitable
  • Your camera equipment and a binocular would be nice to bring with you.
  • Sunscreen and a hat or cap against sun and rain and also mosquito repellent can be useful.
  • A good pair of sunglasses can be very useful, especially when fishing.
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